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  • Meet at Automechanika Shanghai 2023!
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    Automechanika  Shanghai  2023 Date: 29th NOV. - 02th Dec. Add: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) China Super Driving will visit the Automechanika exhibition in Shanghai from 11.29-12.02 2023! We look forward to meeting you during the exhibition! If yo...Read more »

  • Gasoline Cars: “Do I Really Have No Future?”
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  • Car Knowledge 3: Throttle Body
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  • Join us at AAPEX 2023!
    Post time: Aug-31-2023

    AAPEX 2023 is coming! Time: OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 2, 2023 Location: LAS VEGAS, NV | THE VENETIAN EXPO Booth No.: 8810 AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo) is a tradeshow held every year where the largest names in the automotive aftermarket industry come togeth...Read more »

  • Automechanika HO CHI MINH City 2023
    Post time: Jun-19-2023

    We are glad to inform you that we will attend the Automechanika of 2023 in HO CHI MINH which will be hold on Jun.23th to 25th. Our booth number is G12. Welcome to visit our booth and we are looking forward to seeing you at that time.  Read more »

  • The Joys of Repairing My Broken Truck Window & Dealing with a Phantom Traffic Ticket
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    You live and you learn, so they say. Well, sometimes you learn. Other times you are just too stubborn to learn, which is one of the reasons I found myself trying to repair the driver’s side window on our pickup. It hasn’t worked correctly for a few years but we just kept it rolled up and closed....Read more »

  • Foxconn Bulish on Electric Vehicle Prospects as it Shows off 3 Prototypes
    Post time: Nov-11-2021

    TAIPEI, Oct 18 (Reuters) – Taiwan’s Foxconn (2317.TW) unveiled its first three electric vehicle prototypes on Monday, underscoring ambitious plans to diversify away from its role of building consumer electronics for Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and other tech firms. The vehicles – an SUV...Read more »

  • Power Window Regulator Replacement
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    Blindly replacing a window regulator and motor assembly may not solve a customer’s problem. Window regulator and motor replacements are easy. But, diagnosing the system can be difficult on late-model vehicles. So, before you order the parts and pull the door panel, there are new technologies and ...Read more »