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  • These 14 companies dominate the global automotive industry!
    Post time: 02-29-2024

    The automotive industry features a myriad of mainstream brands and their subsidiary labels, all playing pivotal roles in the global market. This article provides a concise overview of these renowned automotive manufacturers and their sub-brands, shedding light on their p...Read more »

  • Unveiling Aftermarket Car Parts: A Comprehensive Overview!
    Post time: 12-05-2023

    Have you ever sighed and said, "I've been tricked by auto parts again"? In this article, we're delving into the fascinating world of auto parts to help you steer clear of unreliable new parts that can lead to frustration. Follow along as we unlock this maintenance treas...Read more »

  • Gasoline Cars: “Do I Really Have No Future?”
    Post time: 11-20-2023

    Recently, there has been a growing pessimism surrounding the gasoline car market, sparking widespread discussions. In this highly scrutinized topic, we delve into the future trends of the automotive industry and the crucial decisions facing practitioners. Amidst the rapi...Read more »

  • Autumn car maintenance suggestions
    Post time: 10-30-2023

    Can you feel the autumn chill in the air?    As the weather gradually cools down, we'd like to share some important reminders and advice about car maintenance with you. In this chilly season, let's pay special attention to several key systems and components to ens...Read more »